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Heo EunSun

Visual Artist

South Korea

EunSun Heo is a Korean visual artist who strokes emotions with performance. She is mainly interested in bringing out the age-old emotions in the space experienced in the everyday life of the past and expressing them as visual images. Her work begins with exploring the emotions that arise at the intersection of the layers of unexpected events in life and reality. She participated in a number of group exhibitions and festivals in New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Belgium, and Germany with the start of the PANASIA Performance Festival in 2014, and she continues to work on videos, installation, and photography, focusing on performance work, along with various experiments covering complex genres.




2024 <Pieces of the island> Solo Exhibition, Green Gallery, Daejeon, Korea

2023 <We are pickled> Group Exhibition, Space Temi, Daejeon, Korea

2022  <Tilted Ocean> Solo Exhibition, Green Gallery, Daejeon, Korea

2021  <部分在場> Taiwan-Korea Online project, mumoon center, Tainan, Taiwan

2019  <still on old sparring> research project, Temi Art residence, Daejeon, Korea

2019  <Exclusion Zone>, New Zero Art space-Gwangtan Art space, Yangon-Paju, Myanmar-Korea

2017  <Record for flavor of floating life> Solo Exhibition, Space From the corner, Daejeon, Korea

2016   <Breathing Foundation>, SLY Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan   

2015   <a misty city>, space Eyoo, Daejeon, Korea    

2013   <Triangle Art Festival>, Art Factory Daegu, Daegu, Korea            

2013   <watchtower & well>, Vanyage project space, Daejeon, Korea


Residency Program

2024  <Lee Ungno Residence in Paris>,  Goam Arts & Culture Foundation in Daejeon, Korea

2014  <Sanho Residence>,  'Energy Road',  Daejeon, Korea


2024 <DPAF>Daejeon Performance Art Festival, Another Dongyangjang, Daejeon, Korea

2023 <PAWA>Performance Art Week Aotearoa, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, New zealand

2021 <Village Shop Museum of Art> season2 alternative visual arts Project, Seoul, Korea

2021 <Arirang Dabang> , Art space Beam, Incheon, Korea

2019 <PANASIA 10>, Asian Culture Center (ACC)-Ilmin museum of art, Gwangju-Seoul, Korea

2018 <Murder at the Han Riverside>Korean Historical Happening Remake, Yangwha Bridge, Seoul

2018 <The history of participant> performance art live, Plan C, Jeonju, Korea

2016  <DUST> Performance Art + Improvised music , polnishen Versager, Berlin, Germany

2016  <ASIATOPIA> performance festival, Bangkok Art and Culture center. Bangkok,  Thailand 

2015  <Machinaka> Performance Art Exhibition, Matsumoto Museum of Art, Matsumoto, Japan    

2015 <JETLEG>, RUMSTEEK, Brussels, Belgium                 

2015 <lullaby>, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Anshan, Korea

2014  <PAN ASIA 6> Performance Art Network Asia, Mullae Art Space, Seoul, Korea                             

2014  <Freedom platform>,Incheon Art platform, Incheon, Korea      



2016-2017 <ARTistar> Grant from DCAF for Emerging Artist, Daejeon foundation for culture and arts


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